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Where can I access my Family Portal?

Your Family Portal can be accessed here.

How do I get started with therapy?

The first step in getting started at Explore Engage Enjoy is to request a referral from your child’s pediatrician or other specialist/medical provider.

Once we have received your referral, we will contact you. You may also call us to check on the status of a referral at any time. We will confirm we have received your referral and discuss your concerns. We will then schedule the initial evaluation. Prior to your initial evaluation we will direct you to fill out our intake forms form and verify your insurance benefits.

If you have any questions about getting started or need the intake form in another language, please give our office a call at (541)900-1418.

Do I need a referral for services at Explore Engage Enjoy?

We require a referral in order to initiate the evaluation progress for your child’s therapy. These may come from your child’s pediatrician, specialist, or other medical provider. Please give your specialist or primary care physician a call and request they fax us a referral for the therapy service your child needs.

Will my child be on a waiting list?

We understand accessing medically necessary therapy services is a challenge in our rural community and we are doing our best to fill this need. Based on the type of therapy that you are referred for you may be put on a waiting list. We primarily work through the waiting list in the order that referrals are received and the exact time frame varies based on our ability to hire new providers as well as other children graduating from therapy. 

What does the therapy process look like?

Your child’s first appointment, or initial evaluation, will include the child, guardian, and therapist. We will engage in a family centered interview gathering your main concerns, complete appropriate testing, and do observations. These tests and observations will vary based on your child’s individual needs and capabilities.

After the evaluation if further treatment is recommended the therapist, guardian, and child will collaborate to create goals that focus on the most essential areas of need for the family. Our therapist will then document the full evaluation and submit for the required insurance authorizations.

After we have received authorizations from insurance (if needed) we will call you to schedule further appointments. We try our best to accommodate families’ schedules but please don’t be discouraged if your preferred time is not immediately available.

You and your child will work closely with your therapist to determine the necessary length and course of therapy. During our sessions we will provide caregiver education in order for you to implement therapy strategies at home. Carrying learned strategies over is the most essential part of successful therapy!

When your child has met their goals or has reached a developmental stage where they no longer need skilled therapy services, they will be discharged or put on a therapeutic break. This is an exciting time, and our therapists will do their best to make sure you will be prepared to implement your therapy strategies at home.

If new or additional needs arise in the future after a discharge or a break you are welcome to start the therapy process again.

Can I bring other people to the evaluation?

Whenever possible we encourage the primary caregivers and the child being evaluated to be the only ones attending the initial appointment. We do understand it can be challenging to find childcare and unexpected things happen. If this is the case, please give the office at call at 541-900-1418 to see if we are able to accommodate having siblings or other children in the appointment.

Some children may have personal support workers (PSW), direct support professional (DSP), or other caregivers or family members who are very involved in the child’s care. They are welcome to attend the appointment and if this is the case, we will need parents/guardians to fill out a release on information for this individual.

My child is a current patient and has been referred for a different therapy. Is that okay??

We are happy to have clients receive the therapy services they need. We will need a new referral listing the newly requested service, but you will only need to fill out one registration packet. You will need to complete the full evaluation process with the different therapy and then schedule as you are able. 

Does Explore Engage Enjoy accept insurance?

We accept all insurances including Oregon Health Plan. However, with certain commercial insurances we may not yet be an in-network provider which may impact your deductibles or client responsibility. If you have any questions, please give us a call so we can gather information to do a courtesy check of benefits. It is ultimately your responsibility to check your benefits and what may or may not be covered. 

Can I private pay?

If you decline to have us bill your insurance and prefer to pay privately, we have payment plans and options available on an as needed basis. Please give the front desk a call to discuss further. 

How do I pay my invoices?

We bill our invoices monthly and you may pay at the front desk with a check, cash, or card. You may also pay through your online portal. Checks can be made payable to Explore Engage Enjoy and include your child’s name on the check. DO NOT MAIL CASH.

If we can't make an appointment, what should I do?

All canceling or rescheduling of appointments must be done over the phone. We ask for as much notice as possible, but require at least 24 hours. For our attendance policy please review the cancellation policy included in your intake forms.

We encourage you to reschedule any missed appointments ASAP in order to complete all recommended visits.

If you find you are struggling to consistently attend regularly scheduled therapy appointments, please let the front desk know and we can discuss flexible scheduling options. 

What do I do if my child is sick?

If you or your child is sick, please let us know with as much notice as possible. If your child has a fever, we require being fever free 24 hours before attending therapy. If they are contagious or have been recommended to stay home from school or daycare they should also stay home from therapy and focus on feeling better. With illness exposure we recommend calling the front desk to get the most accurate and updated guidelines and restrictions as these may change periodically. 

Does Explore Engage Enjoy Pediatric Therapy close for inclement weather?

Yes, when we close due to weather, we will post the closure on our web site and Facebook and call or email all families who will be affected by the closure. If you ever have a question about if we’ll be open or not, give us a call to double check.

I work full-time, do you have appointments in the evening or on the weekend?

We have appointments as early as 8am and as late as 6pm, with limited ability on Saturday. We do offer flex scheduling options in which you can call the office as your schedule allows to see if we have any open appointments. Please ask our schedulers about this option if you are having difficulty finding a regular time that works for you.

Does E3 accept volunteers?

We are always interested in advancing the therapy professions and are open to volunteers, students, job shadows, and those interested in exploring therapy as a career. We have various volunteer opportunities that change depending on the needs of the clinic. Please call and set up an interview to discuss these opportunities with our executive director. These opportunities are on a scheduled only basis and drop ins to shadow or volunteer are NOT accepted.

Why are there sometimes student therapists at Explore Engage Enjoy?

Explore Engage Enjoy allows occupational therapy students to complete fieldwork, physical therapy students to complete practicums, and speech therapy students to complete clinical rotations so they can learn how to provide the highest quality of care using evidenced based methods in the future. Students will take what they have learned back to universities as well as their future communities to further spread knowledge and improve therapy quality. Working in conjunction with therapy education programs Explore Engage Enjoy happily provides opportunities for students to complete these essential 8-12 week rotations at our clinic.

If your child sees a student therapist, rest assured, they are being closely trained and monitored by their supervising therapist. The quality of therapy will not be decreased if your child sees a student but will likely be enhanced by their fresh ideas and knowledge.